Shoot to thrill

My friend and former co-worker Jerome is a guy who lives life to the fullest. He’s originally from France, but when he was living and working in Cincinnati he embraced the town so much that he wound up serving as a guide for historical/architectural tours of the downtown area. He knew more about the city than most lifelong natives. I believe Jerome would call that joie de vivre.



He and his wife moved to New York several years ago, and since then Jerome has savored every bite of the Big Apple… that is, when he and his family aren’t  taking one of their countless road  trip vacations.

Jerome is also quite the self-taught photographer. Check out his Instagram page:

He’s always trying to convince me to join Facebook. Thus far, I’ve managed to resist. But it might be worth signing up just so I could see his daily photos.

jerome photo



Cincinnati shout-out

The National is a fine band that happens to be from Cincinnati, although they didn’t really hit it big until they all moved to New York. 2 sets of brothers (one pair of twins) and lead singer Matt Berninger, who is a very interesting dude.

Right now, Matt has a side project with Brent Knopf from Menomena, the band is called El Vy. The first single includes lyrics about Cincinnati landmarks Eden Park and the Serpentine Wall. So naturally as a Cincinnatian I’m duty-bound to like it. But you’ll like it too.


The second song on El Vy’s new album also references two Cincinnati neighborhood, Delhi and Over-the-Rhine. But that song has dirty words in it, so Cincinnatians probably won’t like it as much. But Matt shows off some fancy dance moves in the video.