Here’s another guest post from’s most avid (and probably only) reader, Mookie: 

Is Dr. Dre the “Jerk” of this generation?

I say YES.
I recently got a pair of Power Beats by Dre which I use for music at the gym, podcasts and music all day at work and handsfree phone for the car. They are fantastic! Can’t imagine going back to the sub-par wired headphones I got with my iPhone. So what’s the problem, you say?

I rely on my Beats so much that I’ve noticed I have tinnitus now (that lovely constant ringing in my ears). Not from cranking up the volume to 11, mind you. Just normal listening levels, well below the levels you experience when you hear loud music and realize it’s some guy 35 feet away with headphones on. That’s the kind of volume that makes me jump online and look to buy stock in Miracle Ear.

The reason this makes Dre a Jerk? One word. OPTIGRAB.

That’s right the famous case of People vs Johnson, Navin R.
Steve Martin’s character in the 1979 classic The Jerk.


Once again I dip into my knowledge of crap classic movie with great quotes and memorable scenes for proof.

Exhibit A:
Both born a poor black child.

Exhibit B:
Both have a “Special Purpose”

Exhibit C:
Dre allegedly has water dispensers filled with wine near their tennis court, and cup dispensers with fine crystal wine glasses in them. Just like Navin Johnson.

Exhibit D and the most damning evidence:
Like Optigrab, Beats products are incredible devices you can’t live without – yet they cause physical harm. Although the evidence hasn’t been released, it’s rumored Carl Reiner is a victim in both incidents. His inability to hear cues and exclaim “CUT” during the filming of his latest movie has been rumored to cause horrible injury and loss of life from avoidable accidents on set.

Join Carl Reiner and me in a class action suit against Dr Dre and his Beat products.

This Jerk must be stopped!