It’s Election Day in America.

Thanks to everyone who has voted early.

No thanks to partisan politicians who tried to make early voting more difficult.

Thanks to the poll workers – especially during the pandemic.

No thanks to anyone who shows up at the polls with a weapon, attempting to intimidate voters.

Thanks to the elected officials who represent their people.

No thanks to politicians who care more about power than principles.

Thanks to the League of Women Voters for providing information to help voters make informed decisions.

No thanks to PACs and dark money, who fill airwaves, mailboxes and the internet with lies and half-truths.

Thanks to fair elections.

No thanks to the power brokers who have gerrymandered districts to give them an unfair advantage.

Thanks to the American people for voting.

No thanks to foreign countries trying to influence, interfere with, or even hack our elections.

Thanks for democracy. It’s not a perfect system, but it’s a privilege to have it.