Happy Thanksgiving! I went for a six-mile run this morning on a hike/bike trail near our house. What a  wonderful way to start this Turkey Day… not many people out, great running weather, sun coming up…

While I ran I thought about the many things for which I am thankful:

  • my health – this week I heard about another college classmate of mine who passed away suddenly, which really gave me pause.
  • my wife – she works as a nurse 4 days a week, teaches 4-6 exercise classes a week, just ran the New York Marathon and spent all day yesterday getting the house in shape as we prepare to host the Thanksgiving feast. (I helped a bit, but not enough.) A human dynamo.
  • my kids – they all have their moments, but overall they’re great kids.
  • my job – a year ago I was 80% sure I’d be laid off from work and pounding the pavement looking for my next gig. But what happened when my old company split actually turned out to be a plus for me.
  • my friends – I don’t see them as often as I’d like to, but when I do it’s sustenance for the soul
  • a good book – there’s no better way to escape the your own world and inhabit another.
  • music – my lifelong love affair with tunes goes on…
  • public transportation – a weird one, I know, but I’m convinced that by taking the bus to work most days instead of driving, I’ve reduced my stress immeasurably and have been able to read more.
  • craft beer – yum.
  • hike/bike paths – they make a run or ride so much more relaxing than fighting traffic.
  • tofurkey – actually I’ve never had this, but as a vegetarian I feel like I need to represent.
  • Bea Arthur – the most golden of the Golden Girls.
  • Scoopable kitty litter – most welcome in a two-cat household.
  • Xavier basketball – makes the winter a bit more bearable.
  • you! – thanks for reading.