Warning: this post references suicide.

Silver lining: this post also references two families, half a world away from each other, who managed to look beyond their own grief at losing a loved one to depression, and start a charity that will help others in a similar situation.

Both text blocks above are from the Tinychanges.com website.

Text/imagery above from the Paws for Patrick website.

Please watch this video to see just a few examples of the ways that Paws for Patrick is making a difference:

What the Hutchison family is doing, and what the Roemer family is doing, is nothing short of emotional alchemy. Taking their tears, their grief, their pain, and redirecting it into something that will help others.

Image above from the Tiny Changes website.

The world is a lesser place without Scott and Patrick. The world is a better place because their families are keeping their memories alive. Godspeed to them.