One of my goals for this year is to learn how to speak Spanish. (Another of my goals is to get Max Baer Jr. a Lifetime Achievement Emmy for his tour de force performance as Jethro on The Beverly Hillbillies. Long overdue.) 1390005760_8

I picked up several Spanish phrasebooks from the local library to practice my Espanol (hey it’s working already!). Most of the books have the same standard words and phrases that a traveler might find useful – where are the restrooms, how much does it cost, which bus do we take, etc. But one of the books had this phrase in it, and I’m pretty sure this sentence has to rank in the Top 10 of “Least Used Spanish Phrases”:



Does anyone, in any country, Latin American or otherwise, offer waterskiing lessons? Do you need to go to a foreign country to take those lessons – can’t you just find a local lake and someone with a motorboat? I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard anyone say “Yeah, I’m sure the Mayan ruins are cool, but I really want to go to Mexico to learn how to waterski.” Oh well, at least I know that if I ever do go to a Spanish-speaking country, I can satisfy all my waterski-lesson cravings. I might need to be in the water anyhow if I can’t figure out how to ask where the bathrooms are. Muy bien!