Peyton Manning’s forehead is so large that it should be called a fivehead. But not only is Peyton a great quarterback, he’s also a legendary pitchman, for everyone from Papa John’s Pizza to Nationwide Insurance. Similar to the old adage “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade,” Peyton has realized that when life hands you a fivehead, make some cash off of it.

Knowing that a 30-second commercial for this Sunday’s Super Bowl costs a whopping $5 million, and knowing that his forehead is larger than many billboards and will be constantly shown on the broadcast of what will in all likelihood be his final game, Peyton has a deal for you:

peyton cash

He’ll be attaching decals to his forehead using Stickum, and swapping them out on a regular basis. Here’s his rate card:

Pregame interviews: $1 million

1st quarter: $1.5 million

2nd quarter: $1.5 million

Halftime walk to locker room: $500,000

3rd quarter: $2 million

4th quarter: $7 million – this price is a lot higher because Peyton figures by then his Broncos will be getting crushed by the Panthers and there will be a lot of shots of him on the sidelines with his helmet off, looking forlorn.