Three of my four kids have a weekly paper route, and the routes aren’t close enough to our house to be walkable. So my wife and I get to play (uncompensated) Uber drivers every Wednesday. My daughter has one newspaper delivery on a street that obviously has been forgotten by the City of Cincinnati road repair crews. It’s so bumpy, pothole-riddled and eroded that it practically qualifies as a gravel road:

What the name of this crumbling street?

Yep, Sturdy Avenue. Not because the street is sturdy, but because your car’s suspension needs to be to drive it.


There’s a cafe downtown that closed several months ago, allegedly “temporarily”, due to “renovation.”

Someone took a Sharpie and called B.S. on their signage:


There’s a FastSigns location downtown.

Here’s their corporate tagline in the window:

A. If they are “more than fast” and “more than signs” then maybe it’s time to consider a company name change.

B. Also, you’d think a sign company would be able to print a sign that could fit into a single window pane.


Looks like the Convent of The Good Shepherd isn’t accepting any visitors at this time. Maybe it’s temporarily closed due to renovation.