This past Friday, I went to a concert featuring three local bands, The Ready Stance, Pike 27 and New Sincerity Works. The main impetus for going was Pike 27. I kinda/sorta know the lead singer and my friend Chris Comer was playing keyboards with them that night. But I’m mainly familiar with their drummer, Dave, via his wife Jacqui, with whom I worked at a small but mighty ad agency eons ago.

Pike 27, Woodward Theatre; Photo Credit: ORU Media

Pike 27, Woodward Theatre; Photo Credit: ORU Media

I’ve blogged before about Dave’s two bouts with cancer (Dave 2, Cancer 0 if you’re keeping score at home, btw). This was his first gig with Pike 27 since his second battle. It was great to see him behind the drum kit, rocking out and having fun. Drummers are often called “time-keepers” but a more apt description for Dave would be “time-enjoyer,” because he knows better than most of us how important it is to savor every moment, to cherish every day. With apologies to the Go-Gos, we’ve all got the beat… it’s how we turn it into our own song that matters most.

(Don’t worry, I don’t plan on referencing the Go-Gos too often.)

As usual, my friend Jacqui is much more eloquent in describing the magic of the evening. Here’s her blog post.


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