Pet Peeve alert: I can’t stand it when a sports broadcaster uses the term “score the basketball.” As in, “James LeBron is the Banana Slugs’ best offensive player… he really knows how to score the basketball.”


Using that term is so moronic (unless they happen to be announcers for a baseball game, then it’s just plain weird).  Technically, basketball players don’t score the basketball, they score points when the basketball goes through the net.  Just saying “score” would get the same point across (no pun intended); we don’t need “the basketball” part of it. Do the sportscasters think that if they don’t say “the basketball” we might wrongly assume that the player is going to arrange the music for the next Spielberg movie? Sorry, that job is probably already taken by this guy:


So if you’re a b-ball sportscaster and are tempted to say “score the basketball” remember the famous catchphrase of Marv Albert, and do the opposite.

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