A hiker recently posted footage of a possible Bigfoot sighting in Utah:

C’mon, a couple of seconds of shaky footage is the best you can do? When everybody and their brother carries a smart phone with a high-def video camera built right in? When you can set up a GoPro on any tree limb? When you can buy a thermal imaging camera for less than 200 bucks? Sorry, but I just don’t believe that Bigfoot exists, and my proof is the lack of video proof.

The hiker who shot the footage above claims he ran because he was scared. But don’t you think he’d let the camera linger for just a couple seconds more, in hopes of getting a giant payday from capturing on film a mythical creature that no one else has photographed in the past 50 years?

Dozens of people have claimed to have seen Bigfoot/Sasquatch, but the best “evidence” we’ve seen so far is some Super8 footage from 1967:

With all the video devices at our disposal, footage of Bigfoot should be as ubiquitous on YouTube as footage of teenagers racking themselves on metal railings while attempting skateboard stunts.

Do me a favor: if you happen to see ol’ Squatchy on your next hike in the woods, let that camera roll a good long time. If he charges at you, just throw him some Jack Link’s beef jerky.

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(Hat tip to Mookie for the suggestion.)