My niece Julia got married this past Friday, in her hometown of Brooklyn.

It was a lovely wedding ceremony, and a beautiful reception. (Also a rockin’ reception… I danced more at Julia’s shindig than I did at my own wedding… actually I think I danced more than I had in my entire life, cumulatively.)

But the highlight of the trip was catching up with the whole Morris family:

And meeting Julia’s husband, Tommy:

But it isn’t just the union of Julia and Tommy, it’s the union of the two families:

Julia’s from Brooklyn. Tommy’s from Washington. That’s about as bi-coastal as you can get. It’s not like the two families will become instant “besties”… but now they’re inextricably linked.

I know the Morris crew is good people. And after meeting many members of the Thorpe clan, I could tell that they’re good people too.

We tend to think about a wedding as “from this day forward” but the truth is the building blocks started decades ago. And I know this marriage has a super-strong foundation. One that Julia and Tommy will carry with them back to South Carolina, as they build their life together.