I work from home most Tuesdays. While I don’t miss the hassles of the commute and the distractions and interruptions of the office, I do miss the adjustable height, stand-up desks that we have there.

standup desk

(Dorky office worker sold separately)

After all, sitting is the new smoking. So on an average day at the office, I probably spend more time standing up than I do sitting down at my regular desk. (And if you want to make someone uncomfortable in a meeting setting, I highly recommend standing up rather than sitting down. Bonus: the meetings end more quickly.)

So, in true MacGyver fashion*, I’ve rigged up my own version of a standup desk in our basement, complete with dual monitor capability. Feast your eyes on this marvel of modern engineering:

2016-09-06 16.14.14

Yes, that’s not one, but two – count ’em – two empty plastic kitty litter containers, along with a faux milk crate (circa 1987) and some leftover flooring from when we redid our kids playroom five years ago. Total retail value: -$5.

I should post this sucker on Pinterest, it’d get millions of repins. Better yet, I should give it a weird Swedish name like Kïtëbøst (pronounced “kitty boost”) and sell the design to IKEA.

*If MacGyver owned a couple of cats