I’ve got a fever, and the only cure is more basketball.


Yep, sounds like a classic case of March Madness. I’m taking today and tomorrow off from work to binge-watch some college hoops. Setting up 2 TVs and 2 laptops in the living room so I can tune in to all the action (if only I could clone my eyeballs). And yes, I filled out a bracket for the office pool… my entry fee is my annual donation to someone who knows a lot more about the teams than I do. Yesterday one of my kid’s friends said he picked a bracket based on the mascots. And my friend Mookie suggested that the NCAA should have a separate tourney that features mascot battles ala MTV’s old Celebrity Death Match show. I love that idea. I’d certainly tune in to see these:

Stephen F. Austin vs. Utah = a Lumberjack against a Ute. Manifest Destiny all over again.

VCU vs. Ohio State: A Ram headbutting a tree nut (Buckeye)… classic Nutcracker scenario

Iowa State vs. UAB: a real danger (a Cyclone) against an imaginary one (a Blazer/Dragon).

San Diego State vs. St. Johns: The Aztec is no match for a Red Storm (aka smallpox)

Xavier vs. Ole Miss: a classic case of culture clash as a chivalrous Musketeer takes on a redneck Rebel.

Wichita State vs. Indiana: “Shocker” and “Hoosier” both sound like punchlines to knock-knock jokes.

Notre Dame vs. Northeastern: Just a few days after St. Patty’s, I think the Fighting Irish leprechaun might still be fighting a hangover, so this pot o’ gold goes to the Husky (hair of the dog).

Coastal Carolina vs. Wisconsin: A Chanticleer? (Honey) Badger don’t care.

Northern Iowa vs. Wyoming. A Panther is tough, but a Cowboy has more weapons.

Providence vs. Dayton: A Friar or a Flyer? Get some serious prayer or get some serious air? Advantage Dayton.

Villanova vs. Lafayette: Wildcat vs. Leopard in the mother of all catfights.

The best mascot name of the tournament, hands down, is UC-Irvine, home of the Anteaters.


Enjoy the madness!