I had the distinct pleasure of seeing Sons of Bill live in concert a few weeks ago in Newport, KY. Unfortunately, there were only about 35 folks in the audience. My buddy and I spoke to all three of the siblings in the band (Sam, James and Abe) after the show, and the small crowd didn’t seem to dampen their spirits one iota. Each of them said, “if you liked the show, tell your friends.” I liked the show. A lot. Consider yourself told, my friend. Sons of Bill rock!

One of the songs on their new album, Love and Logic, has these lines:

Once Southern boys they all loved R.E. Lee

Once Southern girls loved R.E.M. 

Brilliant! They’re still on tour, so check ’em out if they come your way.

Here’s the official video for “Bad Dancer.” And a nice blurb about its inspiration is here.

Here’s an acoustic version of another song on the new album:


And here’s a rocker from a previous release: