T.G.I.D.F.O.T.Y.T.C. (Thank goodness it’s Day Five of the Your Turn Challenge). Today’s writing prompt is: What advice would you give for getting unstuck?

Before I can give advice about getting unstuck, I have a question: Is it the frank or the beans?

Wait, that may not be the kind of stuck they’re talking about.

And I sure hope they’re not talking about the Aron Ralston version of being stuck.


If it’s mental hurdles/writer’s block that have you stuck, my best advice would be “take a hike!” Literally. Get off your keister, free your body from the cubicle walls or the La-Z-Boy, peel your eyes away from the screen, put your smart phone in the junk drawer, ditch the Google-friggin’-Glass and get outside. Walk around. See the world, one step at a time. By purposely disengaging from whatever has you stuck, both mentally and physically, you allow your subconscious to create new connections and form new ideas. It’s clinically-proven. So lace ’em up, quit talking about being stuck, and start walking about it. Happy hiking!