Snow belongs on ski slopes and Christmas cards… not in my driveway.

Ice belongs in cocktail glasses… not on the roadways.

People have the power… unless ice storms take down electric lines.

Don’t take it personally, Jersey Boys, but I’d be fine with just three seasons.

And for all you “if it’s going to be cold, it may as well snow” advocates, I’d like to gently remind you that 80-car pileups don’t happen in “cold” but they do happen in snow.

“But snow looks so pretty!” Yeah, for about an hour. Then the snow plows come along and turn it into a black/brown/gray slushy mess that makes every sidewalk a Slip ‘N Slide.

Hey, if you like snow so much, why don’t you move to Colorado? (Or Austin this year…)

I suppose if the Snowpocalypse is going to happen, it may was well be during pandemic, when we already have to shelter in place, go out only if necessary, and cover up when we do go out…