Waaaay back when, I heard an L.A. band called Thelonious Monster, and fell in love with their album “Beautiful Mess.” Thelonious Monster was like a West Coast version of The Replacements. They both wrote great songs, and both groups’ drinking and drugging could turn their live shows into beautiful messes, or just plain messes.

The lead singer and main songwriter for TM was Bob Forrest. After Thelonious Monster imploded thanks to his addictions, Bob cleaned up his act and put out an album with Josh Klinghoffer (now guitarist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers) under the name The Bicycle Thief. The album was entitled “You Come And Go Like A Pop Song” and it was – and still is – a hidden gem. Here’s my favorite song from that album, as done live by Bob and Josh:

Another great one is Rainin’ (4am):

These days Bob is a rehab counselor. He was on VH1’s “Celebrity Rehab” apparently, but I never saw an episode of that. He wrote a memoir recently. I just wish he’d make more music.