I’ve been hacked, via my company’s healthcare plan. (I’m sure Fox News will blame it on Obamacare operatives.) Millions of other folks who have Anthem healthcare are in the same boat. Below is the note all of us got, not from the CEO, but from the DESK of the CEO of Anthem.

anthem desk

Apparently inanimate objects can write emails – who knew? I knew this chair could talk though…


If you’ve just put the personal data of millions of people at risk, do you really have to use “from the desk of” in the headline? Basically you’re saying “I didn’t write this and I didn’t send this.” I’m sure the CEO has better things to do than, oh, say, ensuring the safety and security of the healthcare records of the millions of subscribers who help him earn millions of dollars each year.

Hey Mr. Swedish (if “Joe Swedish” is indeed your real name – sounds kinda fishy to me), own the mess – don’t pawn it off on your desk.