Harris Wittels was a funny guy. Stand-up comic. Writer for “The Sarah Silverman Program” then “Eastbound and Down” and most recently a writer, actor and eventually executive story editor and co-executive producer for “Parks and Recreation.” Coiner of the term “humblebrag,” which he eventually turned into a book. Frequent guest on podcasts like “Comedy Bang Bang,” and host of the “Analyze Phish” podcast.


It’s a shame we have to use the verb “was” – Harris died a week and a half ago, from a suspected drug overdose, at the age of 30.

The scourge of heroin continues to claim lives, including a staggering proportion of America’s youth. Deaths from heroin overdose doubled in just two years in much of the United States, according to a recent government study. More funding for treatment and equipping all EMTs with naloxone overdose kits won’t bring back Harris, but they may save the next bright young star.

You can read more about Harris here, here and on Aziz Ansari’s Tumblr.