Support your local Wussy

CBS Saturday Morning had a great profile of the Cincinnati band Wussy today.

And they performed a fantastic song called “Teenage Wasteland” from their new album Attica: 

It’s so sad that fantastic bands like this aren’t able to quit their day jobs, while lame pre-fab acts like One Direction rake in millions. Please visit Wussy’s website and buy their music and merch. You’ll be glad you did.

You’d be sad too…

… if your dad made you go holiday shopping and you only got gifts for adults, like beer coolers. And you’d be doubly sad if he made you accompany him to K-Mart.

kmart shoppers


Worst. Christmas. Ever!

Turkey Quiz

Below is a Thanksgiving Day headline from my local newspaper. ( A “newspaper,” kids, is a printed collection of… aw, nevermind)



Does this headline refer to:

A. Emperor Penguins

B. America’s obesity epidemic

C. The Great American Diaper Race

Just in time for holiday shopping!

Xmas promotion


Just keep in mind that the price is $19.99 each, and they usually come in pairs.

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