The recent snowstorm that hit the Northeast was called “Winter Storm Juno” by the Weather Channel. At the risk of sounding like a grumpy old man, “Back in my day, they didn’t name puny little storms. You had to be a Hurricane – you had to earn your name. Now get off my lawn… after you finish shoveling my driveway!”

APTOPIX Northeast Storm

Here in Cincinnati, one of the local TV stations has started issuing rather ominous-sounding “Weather Alert Days.” I’ll translate that into plain, non-alarmist language for you: “It might snow.” They issued one last week, and we got 0.3″ of snow. Get a grip, you Doppler dunderheads!


Really, if they’re lowering the bar for naming, why stop at winter storms? Soon every local TV weatherperson will be talking about “Sunny Day Sandra” and “Thunderstorm Terry” and “Partly Cloudy Sybil.”

(hat-tip to Mookie for the idea.)