Chris Mack left his job as Xavier’s men’s basketball coach a couple of seasons ago, to take over as head coach at Louisville. Many Xavier fans still hold a grudge. I never did, as noted in this blog post of mine.

His tweet a couple of days ago is well worth sharing.

“…how lucky we are to breathe, how lucky we are to have problems, how lucky we are to have one another….”

It’s worth noting that Chris Mack played and was an assistant coach under the tutelage of Skip Prosser, at Xavier and Wake Forest. Skip knew that life was about more than sports (as noted in this blog post).

“Coaching isn’t wins and losses,” Prosser said. “It’s teaching. That’s the reason I got into coaching and the reason I’ve stayed in coaching. I hope that I remain in the business of education.”

Like Kobe Bryant, Skip Prosser left this world too soon, dying of a heart attack in 2007. It’s clear from Chris Mack’s Twitter post that Skip’s life lessons live on.

He used to say, ‘Never delay gratitude.’ That was one of his favorite sayings.

NBA all-star Chris Paul, in this 2017 article

Thanks for sharing, Chris Mack. Thanks for sharing, Skip. Pass it on.