Sometimes it seems like I’ve only written about 30 blogs posts and 15 of them are about the Cincinnati band Wussy. I’m actually OK with that batting average, although it’s probably a bit lower than it should be. They’re just so damn good.

wussy band photo

This past weekend I saw Wussy live at the Woodward Theater in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, in what was billed as an “album pre-release” concert. The first half of their show was tunes from their new album, Forever Sounds – out on March 4th. The songs are definitely more sonically adventurous or “heavier” than previous Wussy releases. But they still have that unmistakable and inimitable vocal interplay between Lisa Walker and Chuck Cleaver, killer rhythms courtesy of drummer Joe Klug and bassist Mark Messerly, and the secret weapon of John Erhardt on pedal steel or guitar.

Wussy has always gotten critical acclaim from the likes of Robert Christgau. A recent Spin review of their new album offers high praise as well:

“To certain fans of Lucinda Williams, Crazy Horse, Mekons and R.E.M., Wussy became the best band in America almost instantaneously with the launch of their cult classic debut, Funeral Dress, in 2005. Their flawless document of ragged songwriting and modestly adventurous arrangements has only grown in dynamism in the years and albums that followed… America’s best songwriting band might now be among its best soundscaping ones.”

It’s probably a cumulative effect, but it feels like this album/tour might finally be the one that puts more fannies in the seats… and promptly gets them out of those same seats to rock out. Wussy certainly has earned it, and they surely deserve it.


Read more about the “Wussification of America” in this great CityBeat article.