Unless you are living under a rock (or perhaps living in Iraq), you’re familiar with Kevin Hart, the pint-sized comedian/actor/producer/rapper/(insert any other title here, Kev’s done it).

Perhaps you’ve seen him in one or more of the gazillion movies he’s made. Perhaps you’ve seen his comedy specials, or his TV shows, or his TV guest appearances, or his comedy tour, or have followed him on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, the website for his new movie, the website for his comedy tour, or his official website.

Maybe you’ve even downloaded the emoji app that’s nothing but his faces:


As if being Kevin Hart weren’t enough, he also has a rap alter ego, Chocolate Droppa.


Because that’s exactly what this world needs, whether this world knows it yet or not.


A few Hart thoughts:

  1. If you don’t like the latest Kevin Hart movie, don’t worry, another one will be along in 5 minutes.
  2. Kevin Hart’s nickname should be “Alcatraz” because  you can’t escape him.
  3. By the year 2020, films will no longer be called “movies”, they will be called “harts”.
  4. Kevin Hart’s IMDB credits say “pretty much everything since 2006.”
  5. If Hollywood ever needs to downsize staff while maintaining the same output, they can just put Kevin Hart and Tyler Perry in a room with a camera.
  6. Kevin Hart is a modern day Will Rogers – he never met a microphone he didn’t like.
  7. Last year, Kevin Hart took a vow of silence. It was the longest 2 seconds of his life.
  8. Kevin Hart is like constipation – an annoying little sh*t that you can’t eliminate, no matter how hard you try.