Hairy Father’s Day

When did the mustache become so popular as a symbol of fatherhood? Check out the logo in this Sears’ ad for Father’s Day gifts:

sears logo


Apparently only Dads that are sporting a soup strainer are worthy of gifts. Folks like this guy:

Snidely 2

And this fella:


Even this guy:


Why the fascination with the lip caterpillar these days? I blame this man:


So what does it all mean for clean-shaven fathers? No gift for you!

Father-of-the-Year-the-brady-bunch-8729372-480-3201 bill-cosby-sweater

Catty remarks

Hugh MacLeod is a genius. His Ignore Everybody book is very inspiring, and I love his “Daily Cartoon” email – you can sign up here.

Today’s email cartoon was this:

cat photos


Pretty much sums up the ol’ Interweb these days.


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