It’s an honor just to be nominated

I’m thrilled to announce that this blog has received one of the most coveted consumer group endorsements in the¬†country.

You may think that means the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval


But this is much more prestigious. My 11-year old daughter, upon hearing that I had a blog, said “That’s so lame! Does anyone even read it?” Coming from her, that really meant a lot. After all, her previous experience with blogging comes from a Disney show called Dog with a Blog.¬†

dog with blog

Basically she’d rather read posts from a canine than from her old man. So from here on out my blog will proudly display this badge of honor:

lame with caption




One thought on “It’s an honor just to be nominated

  1. It ain’t easy being a dad. Especially geeky writer dads.

    Send her to her room without a phone, just a printout of all your posts. She’ll come around to our way of thinking.

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