A rude awakening. Repeat daily.

Well, my summer vacation was fun while it lasted… but today was back-to-school Day #1 in our house, so my leisurely mornings came to a screeching halt around 5:28 a.m. E.D.T.

Three teenagers (and one or two adults) trying to get ready every weekday and catch a bus.

Compounded by the fact that we have only one functioning shower at the moment. Packing lunches (my wife does most of that), signing permission slips, finding lost sneakers… every morning is an adventure.

This too shall pass. Our oldest will be heading to the dorms in a week, with the others soon to follow. Five years from now, I’ll be wistful about our early morning reveille.

But right now I’m just a wee bit tired. One down, 179 to go…


And now, in honor of my morning alarm, a new song from The Alarm

One thought on “A rude awakening. Repeat daily.

  1. While at Xavier University I was at a function in a hotel downtown. I was walking around the halls looking for different rooms to meet and gather in . Somehow I made my way down to the lobby. As I was waiting for an elevator to return upstairs, “The Alarm” enter the hotel. I was fortunate enough to ride the elevator up with them. A brush with greatness for myself.

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