All I want for Christmas is…

All I want for Christmas is a pair of Mariah Carey-cancelling headphones, so I don’t have to listen to that song roughly 28 billion times each year over the course of a mere 55 days.

Seriously, just make it stop!

It’s on the radio. It’s on the Muzak system at every retailer. It’s played in every “festive” public gathering spot. I cannot take it anymore.

“Take your saccharine song and move it away from me. Now!”


There’s only one real solution.




One thought on “All I want for Christmas is…

  1. You should be doing what I do each year for Christmas, since my dislike of said music knows no bounds.

    1) Stay away from commercial radio. Easy!
    2) Don’t watch TV, except for sports. Easier said than done, I know.
    3) Ignore pop culture like the plague. I have this mastered.
    4) Wear earplugs until after New Years Day. Practical to avoid everything, but doesn’t bode well when someone wants to converse.

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