Where’s the funny?

I recently watched the new Amy Schumer stand-up comedy special on Netflix.

I was completely underwhelmed. A lot of empty calories, and very few laughs, or even giggles or smiles. Netflix really should change the summary to “Amy Schumer riffs on sex and bodily functions” because that was 99% of her routine. I’m sure some folks will find that amusing, but it certainly isn’t very creative.

I loved Richard Pryor, and he could be filthy, but a lot of his bits were both profane AND profound. Listen to this less-than-two-minute clip of Pryor’s bit on black males and cops… it’s from 1974 but it could have been written yesterday (sadly). There are more laughs in that bit than in the entire hour-long Schumer special.

Guess I should’ve watched the Mystery Science Theater 3000 reboot instead. Or perhaps not.

4 thoughts on “Where’s the funny?

  1. I watched – on chance it might actually be funny – the new special from Ralphie May. I quit after five minutes because I was bored and didn’t laugh once.

    One that was funny (to me, at least) on Netflix was a guy named Jo Koy. Not child recommended due to some language, but funny.

  2. To me most mainstream Hollywood movies are about sex and bodily functions (those that are not about alien invasion, zombie apocalypse or some other serious threat to humanity).
    I find more humour in Pixar movies and other animated films that I am forced to watch and re-watch with the kids but that I don’t really mind, I could watch The Lego Movie a hundred times (not so sure about My Little Pony though, I’ll have to get back to you on that one)

    • Let’s not forget the 27 or so “Fast & Furious” movies that have been foisted upon us too. I’m with you, Pixar movies are much better. And if you think My Little Pony isn’t that great, just remember when Gabriel was young Barney the Dinosaur was on. Dreadful.

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