A pledge pin? On your uniform?

This is Buffalo Tom. One of my all-time favorite bands.  buffalo-tom

They first caught my ears in 1992, when I was the overnight DJ at 97X in Oxford, Ohio and played their song “Velvet Roof.”

I soon listened to the rest of that brand-new album, Let Me Come Over, and thought every tune was a gem. They won my heart and we’re still together.

The intriguing cover of the Let Me Come Over album

The intriguing cover of the Let Me Come Over album

Nearly a quarter of a century later, Buffalo Tom is still rocking. Oh sure, they’re all married with kids, and have real jobs now (lead singer Bill Janovitz sells real estate near Boston). But they have continued to put out albums that sound great.


Like many other artists whom I adore but the general public manages to ignore, Buffalo Tom is using fan-funding to release their upcoming album. http://www.pledgemusic.com/artists/buffalotom/discussion?project_id=14435

For a mere $9.99, you can get a digital download of the new album. If you don’t like it, I’ll refund your money.


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