What’s in a (band) name?

My  kids like to make fun of me for liking bands with “weird names.” But I could certainly turn the tables on them: what the heck are names such as 5 Seconds of Summer and The 1975 all about? When you come right down to it, nearly all band names that aren’t tied to a particular person (Santana, The J. Geils Band, Van Halen, et al.) or a particular place (Kansas, Boston, Chicago) could fall into the “weird” category. However, after 50+ years of rock and roll, all the good semi-weird names are taken, and you have to go full weirdo.


And going full weirdo is exactly what Car Seat Headrest did. My 15-year-old son thinks that’s the funniest, weirdest band name going. I’ll admit it’s pretty wacky. But the music is damn good:



And Car Seat Headrest is getting some face time with Warren Buffett. And love from the music bloggers. And, as my 13-year-old daughter pointed out last night when “Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales” came on the radio, you can use your detachable car seat headrest to break out the window of your car in an emergency. So really they’re a lifesaver… you can’t say that about Maroon 5.









4 thoughts on “What’s in a (band) name?

  1. My favorite band naming story: The Band didn’t have a band name (follow the capitalizations so you don’t get confused) when they released their first album, Music From Big Pink. When it came time to design the album cover art, the members of the group were listed under the heading, “The Band.” It was an attempt to simply list members of a musical group, but it ended up sticking as the band’s name…The Band.

    That being said, I always enjoy saying Butthole Surfers in mixed company.

    • I really think the Ass Ponys would’ve been bigger nationally with a different name. Now half of the Ass Ponys are in Wussy… guess they’ll never learn.

  2. Touche.
    Just rolled in and heard a track from (new to me) “First Aid Kit.” I was digging it. Hoping they go out on tour someday with “Lunchbox Thermos.” (dibs on that, btw)

    • Funny you should mention First Aid Kit, I love them! Saw them in 2015 at Forecastle and yes, they are another band name that Peter enjoys making fun of. But they’re great, two Swedish sisters who sound like they hail from Nashville, not Stockholm.

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