Calling all word nerds

If, like me, you’re a word nerd (or perhaps you prefer the more appealing appellation of “linguistics lover”), this article from the Washington Post is a must-read. It’s about how — and why — the WaPo is changing their official abbreviation for microphone from “mike” to “mic” and how they’re ditching the hyphen in e-mail. Fascinating stuff about how our living, breathing language evolves over time.



4 thoughts on “Calling all word nerds

  1. I’ve been using ‘mic’ for years — as does the Mister. And we know he knows his stuff when it comes to microphones. Does this mean we are trendsetters?

    • You are definitely trendsetters for reasons well beyond using “mic”. But doing that certainly helps your street cred. Mic drop. Wait, don’t drop that, it’s expensive!

    • Same here, Andrea! The guy who wrote the Washington Post article, Bill Walsh, has 3 language usage/style books out, “Lapsing Into a Comma,” “The Elephants of Style” and “Yes, I Could Care Less.” I’ll have to check those out.

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