NPR had a nice story this week about how flexi-discs are making a comeback of sorts. To the uninitiated (i.e. pretty much anyone under the age of 40), flexi-discs were the cheapest, flimsiest 45rpm singles you could ever find. (Don’t know what a 45rpm single is? Get off my lawn!) Back in the 60s and 70s, they were usually freebies with the purchase of a magazine or a box of cereal or detergent. You often had to cut them out because they were printed right onto the product package.

To me, flexi-discs have never fallen out of favor, ever since I got one on the back of a box of Super Sugar Crisp cereal back in the 70s.

Sugar-Bears-cut-out-flexi-disc-record (1)

That’s right, I said Super Sugar Crisp… not the watered down name they changed it to when sugar became Public Enemy #1 to health experts. I have to admit it was a genius marketing move. Sugar was a no-no, so they changed the cereal’s name to Super Golden Crisp… and kept all the sugar in it. Brilliant!

I got the “Sugar Bears” flexi-disc; better taste in cereals might’ve resulted in better taste in music. The Monkees were on a cereal box flexi.


The Jackson 5 was on one!


Then again, so was my older sister’s teen idol crush, Bobby Sherman.


So maybe I was better off with Sugar Bear and his band after all.