I’m old. I know I’m old. I don’t care. Beats the alternative. One old person thing I really enjoy doing (no, it isn’t talking about my medications or the regularity of my bowel movements – I’m not that old!) is crossword puzzles. There aren’t too many things more fuddy-duddy (now there’s an old person word) than writing letters into boxes on a piece of paper using a pencil (or a pen if you have mad skillz like me). Every week I do the Sunday New York Times crossword, and I love it.


But now, being a WordNerd (cruciverbalist if you’re fancy) is good. Crosswords are retro cool, like horn-rimmed glasses and Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.


Buzzfeed, that bastion of the Interwebs age, is rolling out a daily crossword. Sure, they’re putting a hipster spin on it, but it’s still a crossword.

So old people of the world, rejoice, we’ve now lived long enough to be semi-cool again. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go take my medications and drink some prune juice… mixed with Red Bull!

prune juice