Eons ago, I worked at a now-defunct ad agency (R.I.P. B&G) with my friend Jacqui, who is one of the nicest folks you could ever hope to meet. (She’s so nice she actually befriended me.) Even though we haven’t been co-workers in almost 2 decades, Jacqui and I have managed to keep in touch pretty well. Jacqui’s husband Dave is a college professor and a rock band drummer (and you thought those two categories were mutually exclusive). Nearly 5 years ago, he battled Lymphoma (or as Jacqui and Dave named it “Roger”). Now, just a few steps from the “clean and clear” mark that anyone who has ever had cancer hopes to reach, Roger is back. Damn you, Roger!

You can read Jacqui and Dave’s blog for a much more eloquent version of this story.

Please send your thought, prayers, good vibes and Roger destroyers their way.