I grew up in Arkansas from age 6 through high school, so I’m a fan of the Arkansas Razorbacks sports teams, especially football and basketball, and I still try to catch their games on TV. This year the b-ball Hogs (or “Hawgs” as they say in Arkansas) have a junior guard (a transfer from Texas Tech) named Dusty Hannahs, and every time I watch a game, all I can think about is The Karate Kid and My Cousin Vinny because Dusty is a dead ringer for Ralph Macchio.

Dusty-Hannahs-MBB-2015-16-15962 ralph-macchio-my-cousin-vinny-movie-photo-GC

The 3-point shot is Dusty’s “Crane Kick”.

dusty 3 sign

If he gets hurt, they will need to summon Mr. Miyagi to the bench to heal him.