“There’s a myth that learning is for young people. But as the proverb says, ‘It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.’ The middle years are great, great learning years. Even the years past the middle years. I took on a new job after my 77th birthday – and I’m still learning. Learn all your life. Learn from your failures. Learn from your successes. When you hit a spell of trouble, ask ‘What is it trying to teach me?’ The lessons aren’t always happy ones, but they keep coming.”

John Gardner, a politician and a recipient of the 1964 Presidential Medal of Freedom

I came across this quote in the most recent weekly “3, 2, 1” newsletter from author and entrepreneur James Clear. Every Thursday, he sends out an email with:

  • 3 ideas from him
  • 2 quotes from other folks
  • 1 question/prompt

It’s a quick read and provides plenty of great food for thought. You can sign up for the newsletter here.

(HT to my friend Chris H. for putting the James Clear newsletter on my radar.)