When someone says “No offense, but….” you can be pretty sure that whatever comes next will be offensive. And saying “no offense” first doesn’t make it any less so. In the sports section of my local newspaper yesterday, I read two quotes that seemed eerily similar in how the speakers complained about fans while trying to make it seem like they weren’t trying to rip fans.

Leading off is Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto, who draws criticism for being perfectly content to walk every time he comes to the plate, when he’s one of the few players in the Reds lineup who can actually drive in runs if he swings the bat.

votto quote

Thanks a bunch, Joey, for clarifying that you’re not going to use the word “ignorant” then using it a second later.

Next let’s check in with North Carolina basketball coach Roy Williams:




At least Roy admits that he’s criticizing. And he used the word “daggum” in a sentence too, so we have to give him some style points.

No offense, but Joey Votto and Roy Williams were pretty mean to the fans who help pay their big fat contracts. I don’t want to use the term ‘ingrates’ but they seem like ingrates.