This weekend I installed a new handle on our crappy screen door because:

A. the old handle broke off

B. I’m too cheap to buy a new door

C. Even if I did buy a new door, I’d be too lazy to install it.

The old handle had no latch on the inside, so we could open the door just by shoving any part of the door with our hands, feet, butt, whatever. And our dog could escape any time she wanted unless we kept the main door closed.

The new handle does have a latch. Which means our pooch will stay put… but it also means we all have to unlearn our decade-long habit of opening the door any old way we please. To help remind everyone to push on the latch handle, I relied on a Post-It Note and the song stylings of Salt-N-Pepa…

2015-03-24 09.10.52


I blame Geico for this.