Here’s a pretty cool Kickstarter for a combination kayak/paddleboard made out of recycled plastic, that can fold up and fit in the trunk of a car.

The inventor, Tim Niemier, launched the original sit-on-top kayak in 1971 with his company Ocean Kayak. His admirable goal is to “get a billion butts on boards and boats.”

My motto is a billion butts in boats because I believe the water makes us all humble and better people on our small planet. 

Tim Niemier

The Kickstarter level that includes a Origami Paddler ain’t cheap, but neither are kayaks and paddleboards, especially when you factor in the equipment that you need to haul them, and the hassle of storage. This folding watercraft eliminates those issues, which are a huge “barrier to entry” as the business bigwigs like to say.

I’m on board… how about you?