Avoid cholesterol, it’s bad for you. Oh wait, some is good.

Avoid fats, they’re bad for you. Oh wait, some fats are good.

Cut down on sugar. Oh wait, the sugar substitutes might be worse.

Switch to diet soda. Or not.

If you try to play by the latest dietary rules, you’ll drive yourself crazy. What’s bad one year is good the next, and vice-versa.

Instead of focusing on individual ingredients, perhaps we should take a big picture approach, like Brazil has suggested in their new guide:

  1. “Always prefer natural or minimally processed foods and freshly made dishes and meals to ultra-processed foods.”
  2. “Prefer eating with family, friends, or colleagues.”
  3. “Make the preparation and eating of meals privileged times of conviviality and pleasure.”

These suggestions are very similar to the advice from author Michael Pollan. “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

It ain’t rocket science, it’s just a meal. Let’s keep it that way.

The article about Brazil’s new food guide is here, it’s well worth reading.