Last week I dropped my only daughter off at college… in Scotland!

She’s studying psychology at the University of Glasgow. One of the “four ancients” in Scotland.

Parts of campus feel like Hogwarts.

Leah’s staying in a flat (don’t call it a dorm!) about 10 minutes from campus, with 11 other kids.

In hers, the WCs and showers are at either end, not in the middle.

Her building has 9 flats, and the student “village” has nearly a dozen buildings. So there are probably 1,000 kids (all students at the University of Glasgow) in her area. They hail from all over the globe, which can be a bit daunting, but also is pretty darn cool. It’s like a mini-United Nations.

Leah took no time at all to get into college mode. It was “freshers” week so there were a lot of planned activities for the incoming students.

She’d much rather hang out with her new friends than with her old man, and that’s as it should be for an 18-year-old. But it didn’t make any easier on her dear old “da” (as they say in Scotland). I wasn’t expecting the shift to be so swift. In theory, I’m all for the wee lassie leaving the nest… but in reality, it was really tough to let go.

I can vaguely remember my college days (too many years + too many beers) but I know the friends I met there are my besties for life. I really hope Leah has the same sort of experience.

In my heart, I know this is where she’s meant to be. But there’s also a big hole in my heart now. How many days until Christmas break?