I’ve posted before about my friend’s Dave and Jacqui, and how they’ve eloquently chronicled Dave’s two – count ’em, two – battles with lymphoma on their “Nashville or Bust” blog. Dave recently wrote a post with his reflections on hitting the 100 day mark post treatment and transplant. He’s feeling good, and that makes all his friends feel good too. As he put it:

Day 100. That does feel pretty good to say. In the journals and transplant literature it is a big deal. I don’t take that for granted but instead of looking back, I am spending it sipping early morning coffee with Jacqui, making breakfasts and lunches for the kids and getting them off to school and continuing to get the house ready for Brandon’s visit and the holiday…you know, the normal stuff.

It’s time to return this blog to new ideas and future plans.

Here is to love, laughter, friendship, music and adventure in the New Year.

Amen, Brother Dave… Amen!