Yesterday during college football games, not one, but two runners let go of the ball before they crossed the goal line. Because apparently style points count more than six points.

Here’s Oklahoma’s Joe Mixon at the end of a kickoff return:


Luckily for Mixon, the play wasn’t reviewed and he got credit for a touchdown.

And here’s Cal’s Vic Enwere against Texas, late in the game with Cal up by a touchdown.


He got lucky too. He didn’t get credit for a touchdown, but the ball was blown dead so the Texas player who picked it up couldn’t run it back the other way for a tying score.

Here’s another pet peeve of mine, in college and pro football: players running alongside the guy about to score, instead of turning around and blocking someone. Here you see three ‘Bama players joining a pigskin posse on a 75-yard interception return, yet none of the non-runners turned around to get in the way of the Ole Miss player, who nearly prevented the score.