just released a list of the colleges that offer the best bang for your buck. At the top of the list was a place called Harvey Mudd College.

best roi colleges


I had never heard of Harvey Mudd College. In fact, I thought “Harvey Mudd” was the name of a con man character on “Star Trek”



But after intensive research (OK, I just Googled it), I discovered the Star Trek dude’s name was Harry Mudd… and it appears that he wore a puffy shirt long before Jerry Seinfeld.

puffy shirt


Tech colleges dominate the overall list (apparently the real “revenge of the nerds” is that they out-earn the rest of us), but you can also filter by state, category (public or private), and major or career.


Because college isn’t all about the Benjamins. For example, teachers may not make as much cold, hard cash as engineers and data geeks, but they get fringe benefits such as:

  • making a positive impact on future generations
  • getting snide “must be nice to have summers off” comments at parties
  • getting spitballs shot at their head when they are writing on the blackboard

And now, a musical tribute to the founder of Harvey Mudd College…