Please help me solve one of life’s great mysteries: Why does this type of candy still exist?


Seriously, it was “old person candy” when I was a kid, and that was several decades ago. You would think that anyone in the world who actually liked this candy would have died off by now. They may have been “The Greatest Generation” but they sure had the worst candy.

It only has two things going for it:

  1. it’s colorful
  2. it has some interesting shapes and designs

But that “curb appeal” is far outweighed by these liabilities:

  1. the alleged “flavors” are gag-inducing
  2. it’ll pull out your fillings
  3. after 10 minutes at room temperature, an entire dish of these candies will stick together in one giant glob

Maybe #3 is why these candies are still around – no one eats them, they just use them as faux brass knuckles when an intruder comes into their house.

It’s a shame that you can still find hard candies at stores, yet a tasty candy bar like the Marathon bar is long gone…