We made it! The worst is over!

OK, maybe winter just started, and the ‘rona is raging on across the globe (“now with a new faster-spreading mutation!”)

But in the Northern Hemisphere, the first day of winter is under our belt. (It’s a collective belt, and it’s very slimming!) That means we’ll get just a bit more daylight every day. It’s only a smidgen, a tad, a skosh… but psychologically, that means a lot to me. Starting and ending the workday in darkness is a real bummer — especially this year when my “office” since mid-March has been our dreary basement. But now the darkest night of the soul has passed. We can start to see the light…

Sure, winter has only just begun, and soon I’ll be cursing the snow, the sleet, the freezing rain… heck, I’ll even shudder at the sight of an Icee.

(Bear and Brrrr.)

But at least I know Spring is getting closer.

(Her glass is half full… she drank the other half.)

And that’s enough to warm the cockles of my heart and get me through each dreary day.