I pulled a Jimmy Buffet recently (“blew out my flip-flop”).  It happened about 2 minutes after my youngest son and I got to Kings Island. If you’ve never tried limping/shuffling around a giant amusement park with a broken flip-flop, I highly DON’T recommend it. I even stopped at a help desk and tried to staple and duct tape it back together. That always worked for this guy:


But no luck for me.

I’m an old man with arthritic toes (youth is wasted on the young) so I need more arch support than the average flat flip-flop provides. Crocs makes a pair that suits me well. I know what you’re thinking:


croc ecar

But these are flip-flops, and they are less hideous than the clog Crocs.

See? Very un-Croc-like.

See? Very un-Croc-like.

So a few days later, I went to the Dick’s Sporting Goods website (be careful how you search for this business name online!) and ordered a new pair. I got two emails from Dick’s that same day, one saying “we received your order” and then this one:

dicks order processed

All good, right? Processed… they’re working on it.

Five days later, they tell me it was cancelled:

dicks order cancel


Sorry, but if you didn’t have the inventory, why did you let me place the order in the first place? And if you didn’t have it, why did it take you five days to figure that out? I’ve got half a mind to kick Dick’s Sporting Goods butt… if not for my arthritic toes.