This person is breaking the rules:

“The first rule of Colonoscopy Club is: we don’t talk about Colonoscopy Club.”

I’m in favor of getting recommendations for good medical care, but I don’t know that asking a bunch of strangers (albeit “neighbors”) on NextDoor is the right way to go about it. It’s like checking out at the grocery store and having the cashier get on the P.A. saying “I need a price check on Preparation H on Lane 3!”

This guy wound up selling meth.

I suppose what I’m saying is word-of-mouth may not be as relevant when we’re talking about a doc who is sticking a camera pretty far away from your mouth.

Not to mention that you’ll probably only see your doc for about 5 seconds before the sedation meds kick in… and you won’t remember talking to him/her afterwards.

My recommendations for a colonoscopy:

  1. Get one if you’re over 50.
  2. Make sure it’s a real doctor.
  3. Preferably a gastroenterologist.
  4. Don’t broadcast it to your neighbors.